Urhobo Progressive Association (UPA)

How Amplity used advertising, web design, and branding to make Midrock Cosmetics a major influence in the cosmetics industry.

Services rendered:

Website Design


SEO Campaign

About Urhobo Progressive Association (UPA)

The Urhobo Progressive Association (UPA) is an ethnic Nigerian group based in Houston, Texas. UPA is dedicated to sustaining Urhobo cultural values overseas and collaborating with other organizations to foster love, harmony, and advancement among Urhobos in Houston and other places.

Challenges Faced

The previous website of the Uhrobo Progressive Association lacked user-friendliness, responsiveness, and aesthetics. These were limiting factors for users who tried accessing content on various devices and sharing information.

midrockcosmetics website mockup<br />

The solutions we provided

Website Design

Our team developed a modern, user-friendly website that served as a hub for product information, online shopping, and brand storytelling. The design aimed to convey Midrock Cosmetics’ values and engage visitors.

Social Media Management

We took charge of Midrock Cosmetics’ social media presence, focusing on page management and growth. By curating engaging content, responding to customer inquiries, and leveraging trending topics, we aimed to increase brand visibility and engagement.


We crafted a distinctive logo that encapsulated the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Additionally, we designed branded mockups and tees to enhance brand recognition.

SEO Campaign

We implemented a strategic SEO campaign to improve Midrock Cosmetics’ online visibility, making their products more discoverable to potential customers searching for skincare solutions.

Impact of the solutions we provided

Our redesign of UPA’s website addressed the challenges and had a positive impact:

  • Modern Design and User Experience: The new website boasts a modern and visually appealing design that resonates with the organization’s values. The user experience was greatly improved, making it easier for members and visitors to navigate and find relevant information.
  • Responsive and Accessible: The redesigned website is fully responsive, ensuring that users can access content seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Accessibility features were integrated, making the site inclusive for all users.
  • Engagement and Communication: The improved website facilitated better communication between UPA and its members. Important announcements, event details, and community updates are now easily accessible, fostering increased engagement.
  • Enhanced Credibility: The revamped online presence boosted UPA’s credibility and professionalism. Visitors now perceive UPA as a modern and forward-looking organization, aligned with its mission of progress and unity.

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